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Why you should choose TrackSim

Runs in the background

No need to remember to open any app, our tracker automatically runs in the background when you start the game.

Offline mode

No connection? No problem! Our tracker will store jobs if the user is offline and automatically upload them the next time they have an internet connection.

Discord RPC

Want to show off? Our tracker integrates with Discord so your drivers can display what they are doing in time under your desired application name.

Route tracking

See the exact route you took! Our tracker will log the route that your driver took on their job.


Easy setup! Our custom portal will allow you to configure and interact with TrackSim.


We don't leave you in the dark! With our full documentation, you will be able to get setup with TrackSim in no time.

Live gateway

Coming Soon

See where your drivers are in real-time! Get information about your drivers at an instance.


Coming Soon

Get notified when you deliver a job or start the tracker with an overlay popup.


Coming Soon

Hola! Bonjour! Whatever's your preferred language, we support it.